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Welcome to the Angsty theme for Ghost.

Ghost is an excellent blogging platform so great choice! The Angsty theme is designed to be a feature rich companion to Ghost attempting to stretch what is currently possible with theme design. Ghost has just surpassed it's second birthday so hopefully there's many more successful years to come.

This post will demonstrate some of the capabilities of the Angsty theme in Ghost.

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I hope you'll agree there's a lot packed into this theme whilst trying to maintain a clean, responsive mobile-first style. It includes to-date the following feature set:

  • Fully responsive
  • Pop-out sidemenu
  • Syntax highlighting using Prism.js
  • Reading time widget
  • Author image
  • Post Author Biography
  • Working Contact Form integration with the Mailgun API (please see this post on my blog for more information)
  • Interactive Contact Form with status updates
  • Featured images
  • Lightbox plug-in for post images
  • Full-width images on mobile view
  • About page
  • Disqus
  • Twitter Bootstrap Integration
  • Support for Post Tags
  • Support for Embedded iframes

How to install the theme

Installing Ghost themes is easy as pie. Simply download and unzip the angsty-theme.zip inside the ghost/content/themes folder. At this point you'll need to restart your Ghost process. This will depend on whether you're using node, pm2 or forever to start your Ghost blog. I prefer pm2. Check out my blog post on running Ghost with pm2 to see the benefits.

Sign in to Ghost admin by visiting http://yoursite.com/ghost. Click settings and change your theme the Angsty in the dropdown. Save your settings and visit your site to see the theme applied.


Angsty has been tested to be compatible with Ghost 0.5.x and 0.6.x onwards. It also utilises the following 3rd party software:


Responsive Images

Images are also responsive which means they will flex up and down to fit the appropriate viewport on the device.

The Ghost Logo

Also, if you click the Ghost logo you'll see that it pops out into a lightbox.


If you want to quote someone you can do it in the usual way and it'll stand out from the rest:

I love how feature-rich yet clean Angsty is -- One Happy Customer

Working with Code - using Prism.JS!

Angsty was written with Developers in mind so we have you covered for writing code. Angsty utilises Prism.js to provide support for multiple languages. Out of the box it supports highlighting for css, c, javascript, bash, groovy, java, php, jsx, ruby, scala, sql and yaml. If you'd like more support for languages you can replace the js/min/prism.min.js file with a newly generated one from the Prismjs website.

Adding it in markdown is super-simple. Just do the following for css:

    .awesome-thing {
    display: block;
    width: 100%;

Which would look like:

    .awesome-thing {
        display: block;
        width: 100%;

Or some javascript:

function doSomething(parameter) {  
    var assignVar = callingFunc(withParam);

Ready for a Break?

Break up your writing with a subtle page break

Beautiful Font Styles

Your content deserves to be presented in a beautiful way to make your readers reading experience a breeze! That's why Angsty makes use of three marvellous Google Fonts:


Interested? Get in Touch

Hopefully you've enjoyed your reading experience with this theme and are interested in purchasing. However, should you have any queries prior to purchase I'm more than happy to alay any concerns you might have.

Of course you can always choose to purchase it right here:

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